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diskos faistou me anaglyfi vasi,anaglyfi vasi,Minoan hieroglyphic,palace of Phaistos,typography,
Phaistos disk with embossed base 2
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The most famous specimen of Minoan hieroglyphic writing is the only disc of its kind, found in a small room of the palace of Phaistos. It dates back to the beginning of the neo-palace years and is kept intact. Symbols have been imprinted on both sides in a row, following a spiral arrangement, starting from the periphery and ending in the center. There are 45 symbols that are repeated and grouped to form words, which are separated by vertical engraved lines. They were stamped when the clay was still fresh and for this reason the disk is considered the oldest known type of typography. To date, various decipherments of the text have been proposed, but none are entirely convincing. The prevailing view of modern research is,that he may be rendering a religious text or hymn. It is noteworthy that some symbols of the same script are preserved in an ax from Arkalochori.


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13 cm