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Extra virgin olive oil 250ml in tin can,product of organic farming,250 ml,superior category olive oil,olive oil from olives,organic olive oil,02 bio,crete oil,
bio olive oil 02 250ml
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Organic extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality from Cretan land with gold-green color and rich aroma of fresh olives.

  • A variety named (Koroneiki), with acidity less than 0.2% and unique characteristics.
  • It has a rich flavor and combines harmoniously bitter and spicy.It has antioxidant axtion for the body. It is fruity and can bring out the wonderful flavor of your vegetables, pasta and meat.
  • It can be consumed raw or cooked.


Cold extraction

Single variental: 100% Koroneiki variety
100% natural
Acidity level less than 0.2%


250 ml