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Kompoloe with round beads & metallic decoration
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The kompoloe consist of 19 round plastic beads, one metallic decoration and there are small terraced threads named ''fouda'' (in cretan dialect) at the end of kompoloe in each color. Among them are joined with leather.

Generally the kompoloe composed of beads made of bone, amber, silver, wood, glass or plastic etc.

The beads are combined with chain or leather.

The right kompoloe (worry beads) should have a size just enough to wrap around your hand.

In Crete, most men keep their kompoloe daily. It is a tradition that lasts generations back. Drinking coffee at the coffee shop, talking with friends, relatives or acquaintances they always keep their unique kompoloe (worry beads).


Used for relaxation, as anxiolytic (anti-stress) even as a way to reduce smoking.


Skyblue, yellow, red, blue and grey.


In the picture you see all five colors. At your order must inform us which of the colors you like and choose.