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Near your fireplace
29,99 €



It’s such a nice idea, to be in front of your fireplace with your friends and your family, drinking tsikoudia  (raki) from the finest cretan grapes selection, cabernet sauvignon.

 We suggest you this basket named ‘’Near  your fireplace’’ because it is full of the spirit of Crete.


Accompany , this excellent raki with cretan  soultaninas raisins.

                                                         ENJOY THEM !!!!

The basket includes paper decoration and some natural fruits and herbs from Arolithos garden.

Inside the basket you will find an object for good luck, as a gift, from the team of CretanEshop


1 Bottle of raki HARAKI  700ml

Cinnamon sticks 70gr

1 Plastic package with soultanina raisins 500gr