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Εnjoy Christmas Time
24,99 €



We inspired the basket ‘Εnjoy Christmas time’’ by the magic spirit of Christmas.

 It includes cinnamon and honey, the basic ingredients for seasonal recipes.

The flavor of cinnamon is special .All houses, here in Crete, have this amazing smelling these days.

The most famous Christmas recipe is melomakarona based on  cretan  honey   which is the best choice for delicious      sweets.

And don’t  forget ,  it’s full of   vitamins. Ideal  for your daily nutrition.

The basket includes paper decoration and some natural fruits and herbs from Arolithos garden.

 Inside the basket you will find an object for good luck, as a gift , from the team of CretanEshop!!


Honey ORINO from wild herbs and coniferous trees  470 gr

1  Pack with sea salt &spices 150gr

1  Cinnamon(sticks) 50gr

Honey ORINO thymian honey with walnuts in glass 120gr