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General informations for pottery

Four thousand years ago, the Minoan Civilization, the oldest great civilization developed in Europe, flourished in the island of Crete. The architecture and unique art of the Minoans have had a significant contribution to the development of Western European civilization, as it is known today.

Excavations revealed pots, that used to come in all sizes and were used for storing olive oil, wine and cereals. Minoan pots, that have been found in Aegean islands, such as Santorini, in Greece’s mainland and along the east Mediterranean coastline, are a telltale sign of the wide trading relationships the Minoans had established.


Minoan Life, in collaboration with potters from Thrapsanos village, in Crete, who have a tradition of creating pots lasting more than 4000 years, created the “Minoan Life Pots” line.